Episode 26

S2-EP26: Rage Against the Crime Scene

After Officer Williams turned the crime scene over to Sgt Irvin, Crime Scene Investigator in training Randall McKinley was the first CST to arrive, followed by CST Ed Kallal from the Illinois State Police. In this episode, we methodically walk you through their steps from arriving on the scene on March 31st, 1991 to receipting all of the evidence on April 3rd, 1991. This episode covers their observations, reports, and all items of “evidential value” collected. We will also discuss the autopsy in more detail, the state of the body and additional wounds on the victim. And although this evidence was collected - and deemed “of evidential value” – the State of Illinois still refuses to test these items.


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A true-crime podcast told by Jamie Snow from Stateville prison in Illinois. Jamie is serving a life without parole sentence, and tells the story of his wrongful conviction...and how they got away with it.

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