Episode 40

S3-EP40: Q&A: The Twin Blue Line - Isaac Gaston - Alternative Suspect

Bruce, Tam and Lesley discuss alternative suspect Isaac "Ike" Gaston.

Isaac “Ike” Gaston was a dead ringer for Gutierrez’s composite, and he lived within a mile of the crime. He also had a long criminal history spanning some 40 years which included violence - such as assault, burglary, robbery, and sexual misconduct with a minor. Even while Gaston was awaiting sentencing for another charge in county jail, he assaulted four correctional officers in a vile way. 10 years ago, we only had Isaac's picture, and no other information. But thanks to a few social media leads, we learned his name and later discovered his identity, and subsequent police reports related to tips for Gaston. As for how he was cleared of the murder, that's anyone's guess.

Tune in to Season 3 of Snow Files when we explore alternative suspects that were never revealed at the trial.

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