Episode 39

S2-39: Ballistics Part 2 - It’s Shot Rocket Science

There were only two items that we know for certain left by the killer of Bill Little – and that’s the two bullets recovered from his body. Jamie’s attorneys filed the first ballistics motion over 10 years ago, and yet he’s still fighting for testing. In this episode, we review a case very similar to Jamie’s in which bullets retrieved from a victim were matched to a weapon as early as 1997. We explore the characteristics of bullets used in forensics to identify related ballistic evidence and reveal out of state and international inquires made by detectives. Why has the McLean County State’s attorney spent thousands of dollars in the past 10 years fighting testing – when the Exoneration Project has been willing to pay for all of it?

Ballistics Examinations:

04-03-91 Preliminary Exam - *Nose portion has unusual appearance

04-17-91 Bullet Exam, Identification/Characteristics

04-30-91 Print Comparison - BB Gun

09-16-91 Print Comparison - Harrington and Richardson

10-23-91 Ballistics Comparison - Harrington & Richardson

11-08-91 Ballistics Comparison - Rugar

04-28-92 Canadian Police Report


1994 Rhino Bullets News Clippings (Full Clipping - Multiple Stories)

Court Filings:

03-09-11 Motion for Ballistics Testing

05-24-13 Motion for DNA Testing

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