Episode 23

S1-EP23: Curt and Christine Lovelace - In Their Own Words

Former small-town Quincy, Illinois prosecutor, Curt Lovelace, was arrested in 2013 for the murder of his deceased wife. Cory Lovelace had passed away in her bed eight years before, until a cold case detective with seemingly ulterior motives reviewed the case. Curt’s bond was set at $5 million, and he would spend two years in jail enduring two trials. At the time of Curt's arrest, he had recently remarried to Christine, his high school homecoming date who he had reconnected with years later on social media. Christine and Curt would celebrate their first and second anniversaries while he was in jail awaiting trial. This is the incredible tale of Curt and Christine’s love story in their own words - the struggle to protect their children during that tumultuous time, clashes with the media, the fight for the truth, their battle to exonerate Curt, and how they turned into remarkable advocates for the wrongfully convicted.

To date, Curt and Christine have freed one wrongfully convicted client and have had three acquittals through the Lovelace Center for Criminal Defense.


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A true-crime podcast told by Jamie Snow from Stateville prison in Illinois. Jamie is serving a life without parole sentence, and tells the story of his wrongful conviction...and how they got away with it.

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