Episode 17

S1-EP17: Be Afraid. Be Mary Afraid: Mclean County Correctional Officer - Mary Burns

Just days before the trial, defense witness Mary Burns, an all too friendly corrections officer, was contacted by the state. Reports suggest that she resigned from the McLean County Jail in 2000, after having an affair with an inmate she supervised. Custodial sexual misconduct is a class 3 felony in Illinois. Mary Burns reported having many conversations with Jamie and his co-defendant while she supervised them. But Mary would only testify to two, which included thoughts about who may have done it, and a joke about being chased by police. She said other inmates were present when Jamie confessed, but then recanted on the stand, saying that it was just her and Jamie present during the conversation. All three men she originally named said the conversation never happened, two of these men tell their story for the first time here.This seventeenth episode of Snow Files exposes how the state underhandedly used a disgraced law enforcement agent to provide credibility in their case against Jamie Snow.

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A true-crime podcast told by Jamie Snow from Stateville prison in Illinois. Jamie is serving a life without parole sentence, and tells the story of his wrongful conviction...and how they got away with it.

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